Frequently Asked Questions

5. Where can I find more information on dietary supplements?

We have a blog with the benefits and side-effects on various types of dietary supplements.

There are various unaffiliated sources on the internet that are reliable, such as WebMD, Healthline, and Mayo Clinic.

Ps. Be a bit sceptic toward any video blogger that is sponsored by a competitor.

2. Is shipping always free?

We include the cost of shipping with all orders! Remember to take this into account when comparing prices. For more details on shipping costs, please contact us directly.

Please note that since we ship from Asia, which shipping times are longer than for local shipments. See our shipping terms for more information.

There are some countries or protectorates where we are unable to ship for free either because shipping is very expensive or cargo lines are unavailable. We will be in contact with you in cases like this. You can also contact us if the location is unavailable.

3. Why is my product cart page empty?

The cart update page can be slow. This means when you press View Cart or Checkout, a new page opens saying “Your Cart Is Empty”. Just wait about 10-25 seconds on the page and your cart will update automatically with your chosen items. After this you can fill in your contact details and complete the purchase using various forms of payment, such as credit or debit by Stripe or PayPal.

4. Why does the final price suddenly increase? Answer: prepaid VAT / taxes

On July 1, 2021, new VAT taxes came into effect in the countries within the European Union for shipments from outside the EU. From no on, customers need to pay the VAT in advance for your country when ordering at VitaMondo if the order has a value below 150 €. The specific VAT rate depends on your country, but it is usually between 18% and 25%. The VAT that you pay for is directed to the customs of your country. If the order is above 150 €, your customs will decide the import tax and VAT upon arrival. Companies can order without VAT if they contact us before ordering.

We also collect the sales- and state taxes for the USA, which are usually between 5% and 10%. Similarly we collect VAT / GST taxes in advance from customers in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and Turkey.

5. Do we provide buyer protection?

Yes, we do! Our Buyer Protection guarantees that you as a buyer can shop reliably at VitaMondo. Please see our shipping terms for more information.

If the item you ordered does not arrive within 75 days from your order, we will refund you or ship another item for free. Just inform us within 15 days after the 75 days has passed.

Please let us know if you did not receive the item you ordered, another product altogether, or if product was damaged or had quality issues.

6. What if i cannot register or make a purchase?

Because of the large amount of spam email from certain internet service providers, we have had to block the IPs used for instance by Colocrossing. Please use another ISP if you are interesting in making a purchase. We also automatically block the IP addresses of hackers. In rare instances potential customers have been blocked for invalid reasons. Please contact us in case you cannot login after repeated attempts.

It is common that customers used another email address when registering that the one they try to login in with. Please check which email address you used when registering or during your purchase.

7. How do i search products?

You can search for products by entering the product name or keyword into the Search Bar at the top of any page. Try to enter a general description. The more keywords you use, the less products you will get in the results page. When you find a product you’re interested in, simply click the product name or the product image for more details.

8. What if I want to cancel or return an item?

Please see our returns policy. You may cancel an order up until the parcel has been shipped, which usually means before you have received a tracking number. (In rare instances a product may have been shipped, even if you are still waiting for the shipping message.) We do charge a small cancellation fee to cover the fees that the payment processors charge even on refunds.

You can also return an item after it has been shipped to you, but in this case need to pay for the return shipment to us and needs to be unopened. Please contact us first in for returns to receive the address.

9. Which types of payment do we accept?

Since the launch, we have offered a broad range of payment methods, such as direct payments by Credit Cards and Debit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards, and PayPal.

We sadly had to suspend Stripe due to an increasing amount of fraudulent chargebacks through it and with them payments by E-check, GiroPay, Klarna, Apple Pay, SOFORT, Multibanco, EPS, iDEAL, P24, etc. However, we hope to have these payment providers back soon.

For direct payment by credit- and debit cards we use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which is new stronger encryption standard from 2019, which provides an extra security layer for our customers.

In some countries, the above payment solutions are unavailable to our customers. To solve this we also accept money transfers by Western Union and other providers. Please be in contact with us directly if you would like to pay by a money transfer.

10. You got no response after you sent an email?

The best way to reach us is to send a message by chat, that you can find on the bottom right on any page that says “Send message”. As email servers get more effective at filtering out spam, they sometimes filter out valid emails or pass them to the spam folder. If you don’t receive any response in 4 days, the reason is probably that we never received your email. The vast majority of all emails still reach us. If you’re unsure if a message reached us, please send a chat message.